My Crusade for Moisturizer

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I think every woman has this long and drawn out journey to find the perfect skincare routine…for me it was YEARS! When we think we have something that works, it works for awhile, then our hormones change as we age and we are right back at square one…wondering why our skin hates us so much.

What started out to be super oily skin as a teen, my skin progressed as I got older to a combination of dry and oily on different parts of my face. You could say it kept me on my toes.

Oh the money I have spent in the last 8-10 years…thousands of dollars I wager was thrown at products claiming to have the answer to all my issues. I have tried Neutrogena (the worst!!), Clean&Clear, Mary Kay Timewise, Vichy, and the most expensive…Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford! Some worked, some worked for a while, and some just made my skin so much worse.

Two years ago I started doing some reading about skin and starting to understand how it worked. I learning exfoliation was key (every other day for myself) and of course…the moisturizer was on the pedestal. My skincare routine got SUPER simple in the matter of a couple weeks due to cost. Who can maintain the $40 Meaningful Beauty payment every month when they are about to have a baby??

I decidedly switched to Cetaphil, a PH-balanced cleanser, which was extremely cost-effective (hello $17 for a bottle that will last you a year at Costco!) and gentle on the skin. I used St Ives Apricot Scrub, which is about the same price for a year supply ($12-$16 over a year depending on how often you exfoliate) and it is really effective. And last but not least…I actually used pure coconut oil as my nighttime moisturizer for 8 months. It was pretty greasy going to bed, but I noticed I would wake up and it would all be absorbed. This worked so well that I continued to use it for a year! There was just ONE time in that whole year where it seemed like it didn’t really work.

Winter…and other dry weather.

I was determined to have a cost-effective, amazing moisturizer that actually worked, and shut the competition down…without the chemicals!

So after a bit of online research, some mad scientist skills, and a lot of testing…it’s done. I’ve been using my Mrs. Crotchford’s Face Butter in Lulling Lavender for awhile now, and I’m in love with it. It’s going to sound silly, but sometimes, I go to the bathroom during the day to grab something, and think about how I can’t wait to put it on at bedtime. SERIOUSLY IT FEELS THAT GOOD! In the morning, the skin on my face is perfect…and I don’t use that word lightly, because as women we literally feel like nothing about us is perfect, but I’m going as far to use that word!

The key? Simple, high quality, and organic ingredients! No chemicals or alcohol to dry out your skin. The Face Butter is a recipe of organic shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, organic beeswax, pure vitamin E oil, and lavender essential oil. There’s even a naturally occurring SPF factor of 10-15 from the shea butter and coconut oil. Did I mention it smells as good as it feels?

I’ve had no breakouts (and boy do I ever breakout when it happens), no dry spots, and no greasiness. I’ve even stopped washing my face in the morning, because I have no need to with how balanced it is. Goodbye having two moisturizers.

This product will be added to the ORDER page on our website later today!

I will have some FREE samples on hand tomorrow at the Nest In The City show at Meadows Rec Centre from 10am to 4pm if you would love to try this!

Thank you,
Mrs. Crotchford


Upcoming Vendor Appearances

In addition to our online presence, we are booking vendor shows in and around Edmonton this spring to promote our products. Vendor shows are the perfect time to check out products that are available online as well as connect with local business owners one-on-one. So far we’ve done one show at Terwillegar Recreation Centre in Edmonton on February 12th.

Currently we have booked the following:

MARCH 13, 2016 – 11AM TO 4PM
Easter Eggstravanganza-A Spring Trade Show
The Ramada Edmonton Hotel & Conference Centre – Kingsway
11834 Kingsway Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5G3J5
Visit this events Facebook page here.

APRIL 23, 2016 – 10AM TO 4PM
Nest In The City Spring 2016
The Meadows Community Recreation Centre
2704 17 Street Edmonton, AB T6T1H9
Visit this events Facebook page here.

Are you currently a subscriber to #YEGFitBox? Our beard balms are a featured product in the July and August boxes this summer!

Come check out our table at an event near you πŸ™‚
Mrs. Crotchford

FAQ: Should I Use Beard Oil or Balm?


Men that are new to using products for their beards often ask this question before purchasing, and often wonder if it’s really necessary. Here’s a simplified explanation to help you make the choice.

Quite a few men when they shower, tend to shampoo and condition their beard with the very same product they use on their head. The shampoo isn’t so bad…it’s the conditioner. Or even worse…those 2-in-1’s!

What can happen with a regular drugstore brand of conditioner is that it does temporarily fill your beard hair follicles, but the product can flake off in a white residue, further drying out your beard AND make you look like you have dandruff. In your beard…where you already sometimes lose food.

If you have a short beard that can’t really be shaped (length as seen above or shorter) a beard oil is sufficient to condition not only your hair, but moisturize the skin underneath. Beard oils containing jojoba oil are preferred as this type of oil most closely resembles human sebum (oil) on your face (so no acne for you!). Not only does it balance the oil on your face, but it takes away that dry itch under the hair when you are growing or sustaining a beard. After a hot shower, pat your beard dry with a towel, rub a few drops of beard oil between your palms and start from the neck up on application. Pat with a towel to remove any excess.

If you have a longer beard than in the picture, one that starts to get unruly (but who cares, you want an epic beard) then a balm is your next addition in beard care. Our beard balms contain fair trade African shea butter and organic beeswax for extra moisture, and some shaping ability. A balm is heavier and has the ability to shape your longer hairs. It is also a more muted/matte look unlike the oil that leaves just a bit of shine.

Some men will use both products when their beard is a pretty amazing length.

That’s your beard info for the day πŸ™‚
Mrs. Crotchford

Local Business Release

Local Business Release

On February 1st I launched the company Mrs. Crotchford’s Face & Body Products for local business in Edmonton, AB! Although we are not limited to our most popular product (Beard Balms & Oils for men), it is certainly where our business started.

How did we get our name? It all started when a girl liked a boy for many years without him knowing. When she wrote secret letters to him, she labeled them Crotchford, because it was his first initial and his last name. Although funny at the time, the joke would be on her later…because that boy married her, and now her name was Mrs. Crotchford.

Why Beard Products? The idea came this past Christmas when I searched everywhere for beard products in Edmonton. I went into barbershops and salons galore, yet nowhere could I find it. LUSH did turn out to carry beard balm, but they were sold out (as per usual I guess). I looked on Amazon online…but they were reaching $30-$50 for such beard care products. I then went out of my way to try and make my own. It was so expensive to make my husband just one (because I had to buy everything) but then I sold excess as Christmas gifts to friends…and voila! This is where the idea was born.

Where is this business going? I’m looking to expand our products to women as well. My next two products are a secret, but they are definitely for women who will love them! We are also going to shipping Canada-wide as of this week, it’s just been a bit tricky to nail down a consistent and cost-effective shipping method until now.

We are currently booking tables at events around the city throughout the spring. Our next scheduled one is at Tempo School in Edmonton on April 23, but we will be announcing confirmed events on this page as they happen.

Stay tuned to our page for more info!
Mrs. Crotchford